Game made for gameboy jam 5. It contains color and resolution limitations, like gameboy. I'll finish the game after the jam without the limitations and with more elaborate puzzles. I hope you enjoy the game!

Code and Art by Thiago Cortez @ThCortezZ

Music and Sound Effects by Ricardo Fernandez

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsGBJam, Puzzle-Platformer
Average sessionA few minutes


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nice game!

make this downloadable

clever colour scheme. XD nice game!

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Really nice atmosphere, colors and mechanics. I think I encountered a bug though and can't advance: pic. the light on the level under the character stays on even after removing the robot, even when changing screens and coming back.


Hey man, I really like the tone and feel of your game. The mechanics are pretty cool as well. I understand that, due to the lack of time, you didn't have time to explore them that much, but, if you plan to keep working on it - and you should, because it deserves that love - you could add more stages between one new mechanic and the other. I felt all of the puzzles were kind of "one offs" exploring a new thing. Anyway, great game!


Great game! Basically Closure with its own feel. I like it.

Hi men, I prove your game and i can see some bugs, at the end of your game, when u have to put the "batterys" that seems like bread, if u put for example 4 of then in one objetive, then u dont have enougth batterys for the other points and u have to reiniciate this part of the game, that it is the mos difficul

Good game bro, amazing and perfect for play in class

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Man, i didn't understand what is the problem. Can you explain better? If the problem is what i'm thinking, you can "destroy" the "breads" (they are robots :p) just by clicking X when you're close to them.

yes, i was playing and i put 4 robots in one "switch" and when was 1 switch left the robot portal , if I press x i cant optain more robots and i had to reiniciate this part of the game


Great game! Cheers